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Homecoming 2011 Theme Ideas

Capitalize on this year’s current events and unique trends by featuring them as the theme for your Homecoming festivities. Below are a few inspiring ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Superheroes Theme
The movie industry produced several big box office superhero flicks in 2011 including: X-Men: First Class, The Green Hornet, Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America. Swoop in and save the day with a comic superhero theme for your Homecoming event this year. One scene these comics have in common is a cityscape. There are three great city scenes to create a superhero atmosphere including: Times Square theme kit, still of the night theme kit, and gangster gala theme kit. Another approach to pack a powerful punch into a superhero theme is by accenting with bright colors and cool lighting. There are plenty of props, balloons, and lighting effects to help you build the Homecoming adventure that you seek.

Glowing Galactic Space Theme
2011 marks the end of the space shuttle program but not the end of space exploration; celebrate this long era of U.S. space exploration with a cool galactic glowing blacklight explosion kit. Easily transform any room with glow star gossamer, blacklight panels and columns, as well as lots of glow necklaces and LED lights to generate a modern space age Homecoming motif.

Tiki Tropical Paradise Theme
Bring a touch of tropics to your Homecoming event with a tiki tropical paradise theme. Start the decorating off with an ornate tiki island kit to set the mood for your event. Add realistic tiki hut decorations to the mix with a tiki bar, LED candle, and a gossamer palm tree. Don’t forget the tiki lantern garland and tiki tabletop decorations to complete the theme!

80’s Flashback Theme
Turn back the clock and rock it out with the music of the 1980’s, not to mention the big hair, long shirts, leggings, and tall boots for both guys and gals. Start the head banging off with an explosion of colors, shapes, and patterns in the rockin’ eighties extravaganza kit. Decorate with mega signature 80’s colors such as yellow, turquoise, hot pink, and black.

Carnival Theme
Carnivals and amusement parks are invariably packed with thrilling rides, bold colors, flashing lights, and screaming teenagers. Recreate this wild and crazy experience with the carnival of lights kit for your Homecoming event. Give them a grand carnival entrance through a fun archway, and then add the bright glitter columns, along with the ferris wheel standee and the carousel horse to your bag of decorating tricks. Give the carnival guests a chance to divulge the future and snap a previously unforeseen picture behind the fortune teller photo stand in.

Entertain After-Prom Guests With A Carnival Theme

Carnival Themed Events Keep the Party Going!
Staying awake after prom can be a challenge, but theme your event as a carnival and energy will abound! Lights, rides, concessions, sparkle – a carnival after prom theme can bring out your inner child and drum up energy that lasts the night.   Create a carnival after prom event that is unique and memorable.

Carnival After Prom Ideas

The carnival prom theme is easy to carry out with a Carnival of Lights Kit.

carnival prom themeBegin with a 9′ carnival entrance arch, which can be personalized with your school’s name and event title. Guests can enter and be wowed by a ferris wheel standee, 9′ high and including chase lights and a rotating motor for a touch of realism.

Add free-standing carousel horses and scatter balloons in your choice of color for a fun-filled look.

Fortune Teller Booth Carnival Decoration

For more fun, how about staffing a fortune teller booth where a fortune teller can predict happiness for your guests? Then, they can wander over to a carnival concession stand, personalized with your school’s name, for treats. You can create a carnival with even the smallest details just right – how about some vintage-look popcorn containers, or rolls of carnival tickets in assorted colors to decorate your tables?

Carnival Decorations

Throughout your venue, luminescent columns and other decorative columns will add sparkle and visual interest. These 8′ columns are available in many colors, in either glitter or holographic finishes.

Vinyl, weather-resistant personalized carnival banners can carry out your carnival theme in your chosen colors. List your school name and event date on these and use them to publicize and celebrate your night at the carnival.

Carnival Theme Prizes
Choose a variety of prom favors to give to guests as prizes for games throughout the night. Sell tickets to special events at the ticket booth.

Set up a casino table for a group card game and cover it with a casino plastic table cover. Give players casino beads for each hand they win.

At each carnival booth ask teachers, administrators, or parents to host darts, coin tosses, bingo games, golf challenges, bean bag tosses, duck pond raffles, ping pong, or air hockey. Ask teachers to supply some of their favorite classroom games or challenge worksheets, too.

Hold a talent show or school idol contest at the carnival. A rock star theme decorating kit offers a simple way to decorate your sound stage for the evening.

Other Carnival After Party Ideas
There are so many ways to entertain with a carnival theme. Take our ideas and then create your own. What are your favorite carnival after party ideas?

Hot! Prom 2011 Themes

Prom is coming up soon and you’re school’s prom committee needs to settle on a prom theme. The committee has a big task ahead of them. They’ll want to be sure that they pick a HOT prom theme—not some tired and overused one. Here are 3 hot prom themes and how to decorate for them.

• Theme 1: Hollywood Theme
Everyone wants to be famous anymore! Why not give your fellow students a chance? Begin by welcoming your guests to the party with a gold star filmstrip arch. Pave the way through the arch with Hollywood sidewalk stars and red Hollywood rope streamers. Adorn tables with Hollywood centerpieces and create a fun photo op with paparazzi standees and a Hollywood sign. End the night by handing out award night statues.

• Theme 2: Carnival Theme
Bring out the inner children of your prom guests and have a little fun by having a carnival theme prom. Cover the walls in two colors of gossamer. Use red and yellow fabrics for a classic look or choose your school colors to show your school spirit. Next, set up the carnival of lights kit. The kit comes with a fun fortune teller photo op that you and your date can cuddle up behind. Give your guests some photo options with a carousel horse that could also be used for photos. Set up a few classic carnival games like a duck game and a ring toss with resources you’ll already have such as 2-liter bottles. Guests can choose their prom favors when they win one of the games.

• Theme 3: Black Tie Theme
Ladies love to get “all dolled up”. Give them a reason with a black tie theme party. Begin by promoting your classic prom theme with black tie banners. Choose either black or white fabric and swag across the ceiling then down the walls. Use the all about tonight kit to set the elegant stage for your guests. Embellish tables with silver reflection centerpieces filled with red roses for a pop of color.

No matter which theme your committee choses, be sure to consider both the guys and the gals that will be attending the event.