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Live in the Middle of Nowhere? Host a City Themed Event

Select a New York or Paris theme this spring as you plan a prom, wedding or formal fundraising ball. City event themes are perfect for events involving large groups – with the bonus of a big ooh-ah factor if this is a significant change of pace for you and your guests.

For decorating city parties our mantra is, “Height, lights and luster.”

By “height,” we mean to re-create the unique feeling of walking the “canyons” between rows of skyscrapers. Look for city decorations as tall as your ceiling will allow. Landmark buildings, silhouette backgrounds and other skyscraper props range from 7 to 9-feet-plus and should form the basis of the focal point along one wall (or perhaps the middle of the room if you have 3D decorations).

Place additional good-sized, free-standing props in ways that functionally divide a cavernous space, support the focal point and tie the room together. Most of our columns — including our popular stretch columns that are reusable and have replaceable fabric slips — start at 8 feet tall. The cute, mod subway entrance is also 8 feet, and skyscraper columns are 8-1/2.

You can also draw the eye upward with ceiling decorations such as hanging lanterns and chandeliers — our Exquisite Beaded Chandelier would be just the ticket here.

When it comes to lights, nothing feels as romantic as low or indirect lighting or as festive as twinkles. Backlight your major decorations or add light strings to them – some city props come with lights so keep your eye out for that feature. Black city street lights, Old World lampposts and LED lighted trees bring charm as well as light to sidewalk cityscapes such as Parisian style outdoor cafés and Central Park locales.

Black or white, silver or gold, we like bringing luster with the objects guests will touch. Provide radiance and gleam to tables and pedestals with shimmering fabrics, metallic fringed table skirts and super-shiny vinyl floral sheeting.

Look for luster, too, in personalized city favors for table top or swag bag. The right design in candy jars, travel mugs or other city favors can echo your cityscape for an everyday reminder of a special evening.

Imagine the complexity of your own unique combination of city height, light and luster and the completeness of the picture as guests arrive and drink it all in. Then, make it happen with the help of the City Event Party store.

Who Done It? Start Planning Your Clue, Murder Mystery Prom

With a Clue or other murder mystery event there’s no subtraction, only addition as you bring extra anticipation and entertainment into a spectacular prom setting.

Mystery Themes
Nowadays you can go online and buy complete kits for hosting murder mystery parties, and they match popular, exotic prom event themes beautifully. Make the decision to hold your murder mystery prom in a medieval castle, a Vegas casino or an Egyptian tomb with confidence that there’s a murder script available to fit the setting.

Want to do Clue? Although you can also buy a kit specifically for a Clue party, another way is to sit down with friends, play a game of Clue while taking notes, and develop a script from them.

Managing a large group is different from the small, dinner party-sized games you might have played before. If working with a kit, be sure to find one that is designed for large groups; and if writing a script, you will need to find ways to block and pace the action so it doesn’t get bogged down.

Decorating Clue
Probably the best main setting for a Clue theme would be the ballroom. We would recommend building a sumptuous ballroom by selecting decorations by color, perhaps lots of rich red or purple event fabrics accented with gold and involving indispensable ballroom pieces such as a grand chandelier.

Light it subtly, with lots of candelabras and LED candles placed on pedestals and tables for an old-fashioned look.

It’s probably not realistic to try to recreate all the rooms of Clue in the party space. In the game from which you get your script, you can name some of the rooms “off-limits” if you want or need to. The remaining Clue rooms – perhaps located in the corners of the party room – can be suggested by certain props: trees and plants for the conservatory, a desk for the study, a bookcase for the library and so on.

Advance the theme further with a magnifying glass prop, Clue weapons set and favors from Game Night Event Theme pages.

Solve Other Decorating Mysteries
When the prom committee has chosen the murder mystery theme setting (or at least narrowed it down) browse decorative props and theme kits to see what’s out there in larger, show-stopper type decorations and to get a feel for color schemes. And once the theme and color scheme is set, you can begin the work of selecting decorations, from large to small, to fit both your prom budget and your dreams.

Decorate Prom Like a Star

There are several ways you can decorate prom like a star: Hollywood Star, Rock Star, or Star Star! By the date of this posting, you probably have your star theme for this year settled so we’ve included some additional product ideas and tips.

If your plans are still  up in the air, read on to get a feel for which type of star best suits your school’s personality.

Hollywood Star. A Hollywood theme is perennially popular because everybody knows the script! Strong, dramatic colors like black with splashes of silver and red are the way to go here. So is plenty of glitz. Line a wall with silver metallic curtains. Host a Grand March under a star arch. Turn on a spotlight and pull out the red carpet for a paparazzi-laden stroll. Lay a path of Hollywood stars with attendee’s names and set tables with Hollywood movie camera centerpieces.

Rock Star. The Rock Star theme is a newer one but great fun because it’s over the top! This is the time to use a bold and unusual color scheme such as purple with red. Cover a wall or two with spot-lit Rock Star Scene Setters room rolls. Set up the Rock Star Theme decorating kit – complete with fan standees! – on the stage to make it the dominant feature of the party room. Prop inflatable instruments against amplifiers, and finish tables in die-cut musical notes and Rock Star metallic confetti.

Star & Moon. Starry night themes were some of the first prom themes ever, and they are an enduring favorite because they are romantic by nature and just so very versatile as well. Create a ballroom floor banked by a wall of starry window murals, or take prom “outside” by decorating with star-themed background materials and garden theme party decorations. A third option is to make moon and stars the only focus with one of our breathtaking star theme kits that whisk you to the Milky Way.

So there you have it: three ways to look at stars for prom. Have fun with your star theme prom, and happy decorating!

Romantic Venice Prom Parties

There are at least three ways to bring the romance of Venice to your prom: the still waters of a canal in the evening, a mysterious Venetian masquerade, or a lush garden filled with Italian antiquities. Select one pathway to romance, or combine two or all three approaches for a memorable Venice prom party.

Water Features
Of course, this is the most customary way to treat this theme. Start with a wonderful Venetian backdrop as the focal point to your scene. We have three for 2011! You can find a Venetian Canal Scene mural (shown in the photo), or a photorealistic Twilight in Venice or Venice at Night background illustration from our Venice Event Theme pages. Continue building a set where evening sky meets dark water that catches the light here and there using other background materials such as star- and water-patterned gossamers on walls and floor.

Masquerade Mystique
Keep your Venetian ambience in night or twilight colors, or change it up to include red for a more operatic style. Either way, apply gold accents to your Venetian décor and order Mystique masks, Masquerade Couple standees, and plenty of Black Elegance Abounds centerpiece candelabras from our Masquerade Theme collection for a Venetian-style masquerade themed prom party.

Roses & Ruins
Build a “park” within your Venetian setting with Premier Columns, die-cut vines, rose trees, benches and old-fashioned street lights from one of our fabulous garden theme party kits. Use the park as a conversation area, or create a photo setting under a gazebo from our Enchanted Garden kit with one of our wonderful fountains set just a teeny bit off-center in the scene.

No matter which direction you choose for a Romantic Venice prom party, consider the tradition of giving a single silk rose to each lady or couple – a thoughtful, romantic gesture and favor. Our silk rose with ribbon comes in both traditional and more exotic color choices so you’re sure to find the perfect bloom for the room.

Romantic Spring Dances

Draw romantic inspiration for a spring dance from a palette of pastels, soft lighting and exotic locales.

Climb to a Castle in the Sky
Featured kit: Dream Come True kit

“Exit” a carriage and enter a dream world of blue-and-white accented with gold. Featuring a fairy-tale castle almost 15’ high, wide sweeping staircases and lighted gossamer windows, Dream Come True is a true show-stopper.

Board the Love Boat
Featured kit: Midnight Cruise Kit

A combination of clever backdrop and free-standing pieces give the illusion of a luxury cruise liner visiting an island far, far away.

Bring Your Passport
Featured kit: Springtime in Paris Complete Theme Kit

Paris’ nickname is “City of Light.” This kit pays homage to it with an illuminated Eiffel Tower, light-able columns and LED light curtains. Light and place the big tunnel for maximum dramatic impact, and choose the colors of fabric slips for the modern luminescent colums.

Stroll an Enchanting Garden
Featured kit: Midsummer Night’s Garden Kit

Trellis pieces on large columns create a garden reminiscent of ancient Greece. Festoon them with leaf garland or an ivy-patterned gossamer and see how beautifully they fill a large dance space.

Serenade the Stars
Featured kit: By the Light of the Moon kit

Add a few strings of twinkle lights to the huge tunnel and staircase. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of it, and you’ll have built the perfect grand entrance, focal point and photo setting in one.

Warm Up To Winter With A Snowflake Fantasy Formal

Capture the beauty of fallen snow with a winter theme formal. A winter wonderland of crisp white and cool blues awaits everyone when the area is decorated with the Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit. This kit includes one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one Corex snowflake.

Create the backdrop by covering the walls with bright blue flat paper wbroken up by twinkle light strings in vertical lines spaced about four feet apart. In front of the backdrop set up the giant snowflake arch. This 10′ high by 12′ wide freestanding cardboard arch even includes twinkle lights. The arch can serve as the area for the presentation of royalty or the awarding of prizes. Add depth to the arch by surrounding it with both of the lighted trees. Add more trees to your order in order to place additional trees near the entrance and near the snack area. Give elegance to the props by wrapping metallic white gossamer around their bases.

Near the entrance area place the set of snowflake fantasy columns accented with iridescent and silver sparkle poweder and light blue gossamer. If there is more than one entrance/exit to the main area you can easily add another set of columns to your order. Balance out the snowflake found at the top of each column by placing the set of standing snowflakes and the Corex snowflake nearby. The Corex snowflake stands 4′ high and includes a light bulb for illumination. Spread out more metallic white gossamer under this area to continue the look of snow on the ground.

Draw people to the snack area with attractive table decor. Cover half of the tables with the metallic white gossamer used at the base of the props and the other half with light blue gossamer. For a color accent, place the blue snowflakes from the foil snowflake value pack on the white gossamer and the white snowflakes on the light blue glossamer. At the center of each table put the glitter snowflake centerpiece. For an added special touch, hang glitter snowflakes with ribbon from the ceiling right above each table. Finally, decorate the tables with a prom favor that each person will get to take home. In keeping with the winter and snowflake theme, Stumps Party suggests the small size prom night snow dome. A sea of silver stars and and custom one line imprint preserve your special photo in this dome.

Set the perfect winterland backdrop with the snow flurries room setter. Anchor the photo decor with another set of snowflake fantasy columns. Accessorize the column with an additional Corex snowflake and lighted trees. Cover the ground with a snow blanket accented with light blue gossamer wrapped around the base of the props.

Other items that can add to the charm of the snowflake fantasy evening are the following:
–  winter custom creation mint tins filled with wintergreen mints as contest prizes for last person able to name a song about snow,
–  winter snowflake banners to label different parts of the area and
–  cafe mug in silver for enjoying hot beverages once the cold really sets in.

Stumps Party’s Snowflake Fantasy decor provides the perfect setting for a winter formal that is both fun and elegant. We work hard so that your prom planning is easy. We value your comments. Let us know about your winter theme events.

Black Tie Events

Twilight Memories Kit

Envision an evening of fun, elegant sophistication and you have envisioned a black tie themed event. Bring in black for the sophistication and gold for the elegance. Bring in all of your group’s personalities for the fun. Bring in Stumps Party’s huge selection of prom decorations and you will have all that you need to make the perfect space in which it all happens. This look can easily be created with the Twilight Memories kit customized with additional accessories.

Entrance is everything! Start the wow factor for the evening’s offerings with a Moonlit Whirl Dancing Couple mural or two. Put one on each side of the entrance embellished with bunches of gold metallic latex balloons and metallic black latex balloons. Add a bit of whimsy to communicate that this is the place to be by placing a metallic gold left paparazzi near this entrance as well.

Depict the class of a black tie event with a set of dancing couple silhouettes. Build on the beauty of the dancing couple silhouettes by surrounding them with the gold and the black modern luminescent columns, and the two exquisite lamps found in the kit. Create an opulent look to the center of the dance floor by draping metallic gold gossamer and black gossamer from the ceiling to the floor. Fill out the dance floor with the decorative stretch screen. This assymetrical screen is ideal for bringing your event’s logo and/or theme to life. It’s simple to do. Just shine the logo onto the screen’s white stretch fabric for a great added touch. Accent the screen with the kit’s two gleaming brilliance parasols.

Provide the perfect space for food items and conversation with attractive tables and inviting lighting. Begin by setting off these spaces with luminescent columns. These eye-catching columns measure 8′ high by 2′ in diameter and are available in twelve different colors of which black, white and or gold would be the best match. Incorporate more gold and black balloons as well as some more gossamer. Accentuate the 8′ luminescent columns with some 4′ high lighted fabric pedestal columns available in black, white or silver. These columns can even double as a table where food can be eaten. For the table, consider the black bow tie centerpiece atop a gold glitter taffeta fabric garnished with top hat & bow tie confetti. Complete your table needs by choosing your plates, cups and cutlery items by browsing all of Stumps Party’s event tableware.

Begin the photo scene with sophistication! Repeat the beauty of the tablecover fabric on the wall of your photo decor’s backdrop accented with draping black gossamer. Frame the photo with the use of the kit’s sophisticated stretch arch available in black, white or silver. Add some twinkle to the arch with the kit’s 8′ lighted wire star. Place one of the three dancing couple silhouettes in the background to echo the elegance of the dance floor in the photograph.

Stumps Party’s selection of favors is astounding. The perfect prom favor is just a click away. For this black tie event consider the tuxedo favor boxes for treats and momentos. If the black tie event is to usher in the New Year, select the Jacquie alarm clock and 2″ by 2 1/4″ photo holder imprinted with your event’s theme. Send everyone home with a smooth black stem flute reflective of the black tie theme in its black stem and elegant shape that can also be used at the snack table.

Make this night of fun, elegance and sophistication memorable for years to come. Stumps Party gives you it all for prom supplies – kits, formal dance decorations, tableware, favors, invitations, prom tips, ideas and more. Share your comments with us about your black tie event.