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Make Lasting Memories at your Prom or Homecoming!

Plan the Perfect Dance!

Choosing the Theme is the First Step.

What are the hottest themes this year? Poll your student body and find out what is HOT at your school, or search online for ideas! Will this be a formal or casual dance? Once you pick a theme, you can begin gathering your prom supplies and decorations to create those lasting memories!
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Prom Committee Timeline

Just like a wedding, it’s never start too early in your prom planning. Studies show that most prom planning takes place in the last week of April and first two weeks of May in preparation for a June prom; however, there are some things that must be taken care of long before April.

At least six months out:
• Select a prom date and secure your event location.
• Decide on a prom theme.
• Choose and order your prom favors.
• Hire a DJ or band.
• Purchase prom decorations.
• Design and buy prom invitations.
• Start fundraising for any additional prom surprises.

At least three – four months before prom,
• Delegate prom members to set-up and clean-up groups.
• Order prom royalty items and plan the crowning ceremony.
• Ask for teacher volunteers to chaperone.

About one month before the prom,
• Confirm dates with venue and DJ/band and all orders that haven’t yet been received.
• Sell prom tickets.

One week before,
• Gather and build all decorations that can be moved when assembled.
• Confirm guest count.
• Review and pay any invoices that have yet to be paid.
• Purchase snacks and drinks for the event.

On the day of prom, the prom set-up group should be transporting any remaining decorations and hanging everything. The clean-up group should be prepared to stay after prom is over to perform their duties before going to the after prom.

No matter how much planning you do, nothing is perfect, and something is bound to go wrong. The most important thing of all is that everyone has fun, so try not to stress too much!

Sail Away To A Tropical Treasure Bay Prom

Treasure Bay decorating kitWhen the cold air drops down from the north, bring in the warmth of a remote tropical isle where treasure is amassed and boats drop their anchors. Invite your student body to sail away to a Treasure Bay prom. Stumps Party simplifies your prom committee’s decorative tasks for this tropical themed prom with the help of the Treasure Bay decorating kit. This kit has all you need to transform your space into an elegant island paradise : one Treasure Bay ship, one set of Treasure Bay ship masts, two wire palm trees, one Treasure Bay column and one Treasure Bay chest.

Build up anticipation for the treasure that awaits with banners and wall decor. For the hallways, put up a tropical paradise banner. Hold a pre-prom contest. Have students guess what the temperature will be on particular popular tropical islands the day of the prom. Winners will be awarded prom-related coupons delivered in foil gold bar favor boxes.

Create the transition into the magic of the tropical scene with by lining the hallways with colorful lighted palm trees. Decorate the entrance into the main area by draping white tulle netting. Add sparkle to the netting with twinkle light strings. Add textural and visual interest to the netting with yellow or blue nautical fishnet available with the Treasure Bay table setting accessories.

In the main area, create an easy yet gorgeous sunset by layering sheer gold gossamer over dark blue seamless paper decorating material. Enhance the backdrop’s glow with the use of backlights. Change the tint of the backdrop by experimenting with different colored filters to use on the backlights. Complete the sunset look with the addition of the moonlight hanging moon. Give the illusion of being in a cove by setting up a palm tree silhouette backdrop right in front of the backlights. Introduce water by covering the floor with bunched up mottled water gossamer.

Near the edge of the water gossamer place the Treasure Bay ship and the Treasure Bay ship masts. Decorate the masts with white tulle netting to provide the look of sails. Beyond the edge of the water gossamer and into the room cover the floor with buff flat paper to give it the look of sand. On that sand, put the two wire palm trees, the one Treasure Bay column and the one Treasure Bay chest. The 7′ high column adds authentic character with its realistic hemp rope and fishnet accents. To create a fuller nautical look to the room, purchase additional columns as well as some 2′ to 6′ high Treasure Bay lantern pilings featuring hemp rope accents and a nautical lamp. Place some of these columns and pilings around the snack area as well.

The snack area easily comes together with the ideas given for the Treasure Bay table setting. Begin by covering the tables with the indigo gossamer drapped with yellow fishnet. Use gold metallic streamer from the colorful metallic streamers collection to secure the net to the gossamer tablecover and to define the ege of the table. Top off the table decor with the palm tree centerpiece surrounded with scattered gold coins. Continue the table decor on the chairs by draping them with indigo gossamer and fishnet secured with more gold metalic streamer. For the food, select black plates, navy blue napkins and black cutlery. Cover the eating area walls with blue sea and sky flat paper elegantly framed with white tulle netting. Allow the sand look to continue out onto the floor with shredded gold / silver mottled gossamer. Give outline and sparkle to the area with additional wire palm trees and pilings.

The prom picture is the keepsake to treasure. Arrange more wire palm trees and a cardboard treasure chest in front of the same sunset backdrop used in the main space. Offer the perfect party favor with the trendy photo holder. This favor has room for autographs as well as your prom picture.

Stumps Party – a treasure trove of party supplies and ideas. Check us out for all of your needs!

Mid-Year Prom Check Up

The school year’s half way over and the Prom is getting closer. Once spring semester starts the big day will be here faster than you’d think. It’s a good idea to have a big meeting with your prom committee before everyone heads home for the holidays to make sure your prom planning is still on track!

By this point you should have created a budget for the prom. Review your spending and fundraising up to this point. How good of financial shape are you in? Go over the budget with the treasurer and remind each subcommittee of the budget restrictions. Checking things as you go along will make paying the bills easier in the end.

You should also have selected a date for the prom and be well on your way to booking a location.

If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, you’ll probably want to get that done before the holiday recess. That way you can get decorations designed and ordered as soon as possible and start advertising when the new semester begins!

If you haven’t reached fundraising goals yet, plan some new fundraisers for the next term so you can get your prom paid for! Check out our fundraising tips for tons of ideas.

Choose your caterer and decide on the menu for your dinner. Be sure to have multiple choices for entrees and a vegetarian option available. 

Create a guest list for the event. Will it be juniors and seniors or just the senior class? Which faculty members will you invite? Who will chaperone?

Book the band or DJ for your event. Music is essential to your dance, so be sure to choose carefully and early.

Plan the post-prom or set up a parent’s committee to plan this portion of the event.

Select and hire a photographer. Many couples will want professional photographs taken, or you can have photos taken of each couple to be placed in your prom favors.

If you get these steps completed or at least underway before you head off for vacation, you’ll be able to rest easier and you won’t have a prom disaster to come back to!

Check out our huge selection of prom tips to help you get through the meeting!

Decorating Your Prom on a Tight Budget

Decorating on a BudgetWe know that no matter how much money you raise, it never seems like enough! That’s why we’ve done our best to find good quality decorating products that are priced to provide you with the evening of your dreams- even with your limited funds.

Of course, the best solution of all is always found in your own creativity. Figuring out ways to raise money, stretch materials, and get great donations is the primary goal of a Prom planning committee. Don’t be afraid to consult the theatre department, local country club, or a wedding consultant. What have they done to save money in the past? Do they have any old materials you could use?

And, most important of all, let your own talents serve as free labor! Have artistic committee members paint your own personalized setting on some mammoth seamless paper, instead of worrying about an expensive backdrop, or have your best writers design your imprinted booklet, making it personal and unique!
Here are a few of our best suggestions that should spur your creative juices, and get you started on the track to creative and efficient decorating!

• For economy and versatility, nothing beats gossamer! Not only is it the most romantic and stylish fabric, it is absolutely perfect for covering walls, floors, ceilings, tables, and more! Best of all, we offer every imaginable color and pattern- at the best prices available – guaranteed!

• Don’t be afraid to substitute and evolve your original ideas as needed. One good example of this: One year, a high school in Michigan had planned on building a HUGE 3-D castle backdrop in a grand ballroom to create the medieval Prom of their dreams. As time grew close, they realized that they did not have the resources for such a grand undertaking. Instead of growing frustrated or giving up, they simply adapted their vision a little. Instead of renting a ballroom, they held the Prom in their gym, which they creatively transformed into the interior walls of a castle with our flagstone patterned corrugated paper and flat paper. As each guest entered, they found themselves surrounded by a medieval structure that appeared far more impressive than the original plan would have been. This kind of ingenuity is what makes the best ideas come to life!

• If possible, think about holding your Prom outdoors. Finding a picture-perfect garden setting is a great way to start off the decorations! Let nature be your backdrop – and we bet that selecting natural colors to accent your tables will be a breeze!

Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! Nothing says party like balloons – and few things decorate so much space so economically! Use them to fill the ceiling overhead, tie them to the backs of chairs, and use smaller ones to create festive centerpieces, and release them with a special message at the end of the night! Need we say more?

Streamers were probably the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of decorating, so why did you dismiss them so quickly? Streamers are a decorating standard for three reasons: they are truly inexpensive, their size makes them very easy to work with, and their uses are only limited by your imagination! Need we tell you that streamers can easily be swagged, twisted, and tied to fit every space, theme, and decorating dilemma? We didn’t think so!

Now get going! With some real creativity and imagination, the night of your dreams is well within your grasp. Whether you have the money or not, you do have the tools to create the beautiful evening you’ve dreamed of!

How-to: Plan Prom Entertainment

Prom Entertainment Depending on event themes, mood and other considerations, a formal event might center around a night full of music and dancing, or the music might play more of a background role. It’s important, then, to take some time to decide first exactly what role the entertainment will have in your plans for the evening.

From there you can decide whether a live band, DJ or student-run CD system will fill the bill the best. DJs probably will give the best variety, including combining the popular with the classic. If a DJ seems right for your event, you’ll just need to figure out if you want someone who will quietly play song after song, or hire someone who’ll play an active part in the entertainment. For many themes, though, there are musical genres that naturally match: Jazz with Mardis Gras and some city themes, Doo-wop for 1950s themed parties, etc., where a live band with a specific style might be preferred. So be sure to work this out before starting the search.

Many DJs advertise in the phone book “yellow pages,” so that may be a good place to start. Look under “Disc Jockey.” Other places to check are entertainment agencies, other schools, friends and relatives who have had weddings or other big parties lately, and of course the Internet. Don’t discount your own experiences with bands in the past, either.

If you start as early as possible, request demo tapes and check references, you’ll end up on the right track to select the right entertainer. Also check out live performances for the serious candidates.

When interviewing potential entertainers, here are the most important questions you need answered:

• Agent/contact name
• Type of music – ask to see a song list, and how they feel about/handle requests
• Number of band members
• Rate per hour
• Rate for overtime
• Whether there are travel charges to and from the dance venue
• How many breaks they take, and how long they are (long breaks are mood-killers)
• Type of dress
• References you can call

Hope this helps your search! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our fringe curtains, string lights and other decorations great for jazzing up your DJ station or stage!

How-to: Choose a Prom Photographer

A Night in Vegas ArchBooking the right photographer for your Prom is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The keys are to start early, know what you want, and ask the right questions.

The “yellow pages” of your local phone book is a great place to start your search. Look under “Portrait” photographers (not “Commercial”). Unless the listings are terrifically long, a good strategy is just to phone all of the photographers and screen them. Ask the following:

  • Do they work Proms? How many Proms have they done?
  • Are they available on the scheduled date and times?
  • What are their rates?
  • What kinds of packages do they offer?

These preliminaries will help you narrow the field — especially if price is a priority consideration for you. Schedule visits with the remaining, strong candidates and ask more detailed questions, such as:

  • Can they work with our backdrop, or will they provide a suitable backdrop?
  • What type of camera do they use? (A medium format camera provides a better quality photo than a 35mm.)
  • During the visit, check out examples of the photographer’s work. The subjects should look natural and relaxed. Another indicator is how you feel talking with them. It’s a very good sign if you feel natural and relaxed, too!

    Hope these guidelines help! And if you are planning to build your own photo backdrop, be sure to shop Stumps Party’s Event Décor pages for the perfect set pieces to match your theme.

    Check out the following site to search for photographers in your area:

    Global Photographers Search