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Drown in Love with a Lost City of Atlantis Prom

“Current” events meet an ancient story of romance when you choose an Atlantis theme for an under-the-sea prom.

Just as Poseidon created a beautiful dwelling for his mortal love Cleito, so too can you build an underwater paradise for a romantic evening using our newest undersea theme kit, Atlantis. An arch, gates and columns combine marine hues with accents of gold and a whisper of purple that you can repeat throughout the venue; props such as the seahorse chariot bring elements of whimsy and delightful photo ops.

Atlantis joins other marine themes and nautical kits and many of our undersea props will work with more than one collection, so be sure to make a complete browse of them before making your list.

Support your Lost Atlantis decorations with a beautiful background such as an underwater photo illustration, deep sea mural, or one of our water-patterned gossamers.

You can also make waves – almost literally – by covering the ceiling and/or tables in a metallic eyelash fabric in dark blue.

Covering the ceiling in a wave pattern looks dramatic (see a model here in event fabric categories, lower left photo) but is pretty simple as long as you have safe equipment and minimal fear of heights. :0) You’ll need eye screws and wire for the task, being sure to match the hardware and wire gauge to the weight of the fabric you’re using.

An underwater world is one in which the creatures move at various depths, and part of what will make your marine wonderland special will be to represent dimensionality of movement. Suspend large sea life cutouts (be sure to get the two-sided kind) with monofilament line. Bermuda blue or white LED lanterns can bring both dimension and mood lighting to the venue.

If you’d like to add a chandelier to the middle of the room, we recommend you consider a disc chandelier to suggest an array of light-catching “bubbles.”

Another way to bring 3D attitude and a bit of animation to your marine space is with balloons. Our mylar balloon sea critters include tropical fish, whale, dophin and seahorse and they range in length from 32”-37”. Group them with latex balloons and tether each bunch to stand just above average eye level. Hide the balloon weights behind free-standing decorations such as seashell or coral standees. Echo the height on tables by using these balloons in tall centerpieces, too.

Favors for a romantic undersea prom are a dream to put together. Choose party favors with a more generally oceanic theme to match an invitation or background mural, or go full Atlantis in photo frame options, key tags and more. Be sure to check out unique under-the-sea favors, too, for travel mugs, party beads and unusual favor options.

As you can see, our Lost Atlantis underwater theme is a sure winner for a romantic underwater theme prom. Dive into our Under the Sea pages soon.

Live in the Middle of Nowhere? Host a City Themed Event

Select a New York or Paris theme this spring as you plan a prom, wedding or formal fundraising ball. City event themes are perfect for events involving large groups – with the bonus of a big ooh-ah factor if this is a significant change of pace for you and your guests.

For decorating city parties our mantra is, “Height, lights and luster.”

By “height,” we mean to re-create the unique feeling of walking the “canyons” between rows of skyscrapers. Look for city decorations as tall as your ceiling will allow. Landmark buildings, silhouette backgrounds and other skyscraper props range from 7 to 9-feet-plus and should form the basis of the focal point along one wall (or perhaps the middle of the room if you have 3D decorations).

Place additional good-sized, free-standing props in ways that functionally divide a cavernous space, support the focal point and tie the room together. Most of our columns — including our popular stretch columns that are reusable and have replaceable fabric slips — start at 8 feet tall. The cute, mod subway entrance is also 8 feet, and skyscraper columns are 8-1/2.

You can also draw the eye upward with ceiling decorations such as hanging lanterns and chandeliers — our Exquisite Beaded Chandelier would be just the ticket here.

When it comes to lights, nothing feels as romantic as low or indirect lighting or as festive as twinkles. Backlight your major decorations or add light strings to them – some city props come with lights so keep your eye out for that feature. Black city street lights, Old World lampposts and LED lighted trees bring charm as well as light to sidewalk cityscapes such as Parisian style outdoor cafés and Central Park locales.

Black or white, silver or gold, we like bringing luster with the objects guests will touch. Provide radiance and gleam to tables and pedestals with shimmering fabrics, metallic fringed table skirts and super-shiny vinyl floral sheeting.

Look for luster, too, in personalized city favors for table top or swag bag. The right design in candy jars, travel mugs or other city favors can echo your cityscape for an everyday reminder of a special evening.

Imagine the complexity of your own unique combination of city height, light and luster and the completeness of the picture as guests arrive and drink it all in. Then, make it happen with the help of the City Event Party store.

How to Use Gossamer for Prom Decorating

Picture a drab, grey conference hall transformed into a star-light, mid-summer night’s dream prom. Beautiful, white, Doric columns alongside a crumbling flagstone wall mark the path into a softly sparkling twilight hall. It is easy to build anticipation for the glamor of your prom with Fantasia Fairy Lights 40 LED Multi-Strandfairy lights peeking through underneath a gorgeous patterned floor runner. This transformation can be achieved with any number of creative applications of gossamer, complimented with spectacular LED light ropes and curtains.

To achieve a unique “under the stars” look, create a tent ceiling with gossamer strung from a metal hanger, with fabric flowing out to all sides.  Employ rolls of cloud fabric sweeping across the ceiling, adding layers of color for added depth and enhanced wow-factor. Loop more star gossamer across the clouds to mimic the appearance of stars shining through on a summer evening, or just crisscross with star streamers. Make the look really pop with some backlighting from colored lights, or hang beautifully lit bulbs below.

Recreate the fabulous Palazzo Hotel and Casino waterfall with different shades of water gossamer fabric, given motion thanks to strings of lights or a unique light curtain, bringing an ephemeral ambiance to the watery appearance.  Use LED cube lights at the base of the waterfall to recreate water splashing with gossamer swag draped across and among them.Metallic Silver Gossamer

Cover up ugly, plain chairs with gossamer swag in a beautiful metallic shade. Use streamers as table runners and use complementary streamers to tie lovely iridescent ribbons around the backs of the swag-bedecked chairs.  Gossamer is a beautiful semi-sheer fabric product, and no matter what look you hope you achieve with your prom this year, the many shades and options available with a variety of gossamer is guaranteed to make your prom a night to remember.

Cool Rooms Highlight your Ocean Prom Theme

Create a giant splash for your prom with an underwater event theme. Design a variety of oceanic scenes using different rooms in your school for distinctive purposes.

Cruise Ship Lobby

Begin a romantic aquatic adventure in the lobby of your school with the fantastic voyage kit. This amazing kit features a Titanic lighted silhouette, a Southampton entrance and ramp, and sections of fencing with lights and life preservers. Take beautiful photographs at this cruise scene entrance way to remember the ocean journey of a life time. Bid your guests bon voyage as they enter the dock and delve deeper into their underwater prom experience.

Hawaiian Beach Cafeteria

Your guests will enjoy a stroll down to the Hawaiian beach set up in your cafeteria for a refreshing beverage served from a Tiki beach bar. The Tiki hut decorations are fun and practical for a juice bar or smoothie bar. Include some radical surf board decorations to inspire your guests to ride the waves! The luau insta-theme quickly and easily transforms your party space into a Hawaiian luau. Limbo lower now with a limbo kit and some hula music! Don’t forget to give everyone a lei, to get them in the luau frame of mind. Serve up appetizers, fruit, and other delicious finger foods on aloha dinner plates and tableware.

Sunken Treasure Gymnasium

Continue on a water escapade and dive into a gymnasium decorated with the depths of forever theme kit. This kit sets an atmosphere of a mysterious underwater expedition. The kit includes:

• 1 Depths of Forever Arch

• 1 Depths of Forever Ship

• 2 Depths of Forever Coral

• 1 Depths of Forever Anchor

• 1 School of Fish Standee

• 1 Depths of Forever Turtle

• 2 Depths of Forever Dolphins

• 1 Depths of Forever Ray

Dance the night away with these enchanting decorations at your next prom night. Make tablescapes a breeze with the midnight cruise table setting. This setting compliments and ties together all your decorations with an oceanic underwater theme.

Under the Sea Party Favors

Outside of the gym, place Poseidon’s paradise oyster next to a party favor table covered in blue iridescent chiffon fabric. Accent the table with giant shells filled with under the sea party favors for guests to take home to remember their magical ocean prom theme.

Get Glowing Reviews for Prom Event Lighting

You’re looking to achieve sufficient lighting that, at the same time, is soft enough for a formal evening event. The secret is to eliminate harsh task lighting and put in lots of charming smaller lights and/or indirect lighting instead. Here are a few tips and products to help you get there.

Deal with fluorescent lighting. Many party venues – even some that are not school gymnasiums – contain large fluorescent light fixtures that are great for task lighting but for prom ambience, not so much. Do you need the flourescents for sufficient light? If so, think about covering them to diffuse the light. For really tall ceilings (e.g. gymnasium) the answer might be to build a false, lower ceiling with swaths of gossamer, which would also help bring a more intimate feel to the space. For lower ceilings, think about adding a balloon ceiling, which is just what it sounds like: you blow up enough balloons with helium to cover the fixtures.

Incorporate lighting into the theme. String twinkle lights as stars behind fabric drapes, and around large decorations such as arches, columns and artificial trees. Add streetlamps to streetscapes. A small spotlight might be used to highlight a large decoration. Put lighting on tables in the form of candle lamps and votives. There are also many newer LED lighting options available such as ball lights, cube lights and candles in several shapes and sizes. Party planners are particularly getting excited about the LED light curtain. Be sure to check Event Lights to find out more about these event lighting products.

Reflect lighting. Use mirrors and metallic decorating items to reflect ambient light as much as possible. Mirrors make good reflectors under candlelit centerpieces and chandeliers do the job from above. Incorporate metallic streamers, floral sheeting, cut-outs and decorating curtains wherever the theme calls for glitter or glitz.

Prom Committee Timeline

Just like a wedding, it’s never start too early in your prom planning. Studies show that most prom planning takes place in the last week of April and first two weeks of May in preparation for a June prom; however, there are some things that must be taken care of long before April.

At least six months out:
• Select a prom date and secure your event location.
• Decide on a prom theme.
• Choose and order your prom favors.
• Hire a DJ or band.
• Purchase prom decorations.
• Design and buy prom invitations.
• Start fundraising for any additional prom surprises.

At least three – four months before prom,
• Delegate prom members to set-up and clean-up groups.
• Order prom royalty items and plan the crowning ceremony.
• Ask for teacher volunteers to chaperone.

About one month before the prom,
• Confirm dates with venue and DJ/band and all orders that haven’t yet been received.
• Sell prom tickets.

One week before,
• Gather and build all decorations that can be moved when assembled.
• Confirm guest count.
• Review and pay any invoices that have yet to be paid.
• Purchase snacks and drinks for the event.

On the day of prom, the prom set-up group should be transporting any remaining decorations and hanging everything. The clean-up group should be prepared to stay after prom is over to perform their duties before going to the after prom.

No matter how much planning you do, nothing is perfect, and something is bound to go wrong. The most important thing of all is that everyone has fun, so try not to stress too much!

Add Drama To Any Event With These Table Setting Ideas

You’ve put a lot of time and attention to creating the perfect menu. Don’t let the food fall flat by neglecting the table settings. Follow these tips for a dramatic decor sure to satisfy the eye as much as the food satisfies the pallet.

The key elements to a dramatic look are texture, color and layering. Texture is achieved through the choice of fabrics and accessories – uniform textures provide a smooth elegance while contrasting textures heighten the level of interest. Color is achieved through selecting a color scheme such as monochromatic, complementary, metallic, warm, cool or accented neutral schemes. Layering is achieved through the combination of opaque, sheer and transparent fabrics as well as items placed below, around, on or above the table. The two tables described below exemplify how the incorporation of texture, color and layering come together to create a dramatic aesthetic to your tables.

For a dramatic table setting of glitz and glamour use mostly uniform textures with an accented metallic color scheme in minimal layers. Cover the table with silver metallic eyelash fabric. Layer the tablecover with a sheer fabric such as white gossamer cut to the shape of the table top with a 3″ overhang. Secure the gossamer with white gossamer streamers. Add drama to the table covering by drapping the sides ot the table top with dark blue liquid metallic fabric. Repeat these fabrics on the chairs by hanging a panel of the metallic eyelash fabric over the back of the chair and then a narrower panel of the white gossamer over that. Tie a sash of the dark blue metallic fabric around the back of the chair to secure the panels.

Accessorize the table top by scattering blue sparkle powder on the surface. Add soft drama with the Florentina votive vase. The transparent glassware keeps the look uncluttered while the suspended tea light adds glow to the table. Accentuate the centerpiece by surrounding the base with a blend of dark blue metallic shred and holographic shred silver. Add additional candles to the table with the evening dreams gel candle filled with your choice of gel color and optional imprinting. These add drama and can be given as keepsakes. For the dinnerware select a combination of dinner plates, desert plates, cutlery and napkins in silver, blues and clear colors. For a special touch, order custom holographic foil party napkins in dark blue imprinted with the event’s menu or program in silver. Add a final layer to your dramatic table by hanging a silver three tier chandelier over each table. Add string lights around the underneath of the table to notch the drama of the glitz and glam up one more level.

A dramatic look doesn’t always have to mean dramatic fabrics. This eye-catching table setting is achieved by contrasting highly textured burlap accented with other textures in black and ivory. Begin with an attractive floor cover such as the gold marble patterned corrugated paper. Cover the table with burlap fabric dramatized with an overlay of black shimmera and gold/silver mottled gossamer. Encircle the table’s edge with swags of black taffeta and string lights. At the center of the table top place a decorative bird cage centerpiece. Fill the cage with a burlap colored candle and ivory flowers. Wrap the base of the bird cage with black taffeta. Underneath the ivory and black colored tableware place a burlap placemat. To echo the wrought iron appearance of the centerpiece and add drama to the placement, create a frame for the placemat with a black wrought iron border At each place setting put black and/or ivory napkins wrapped in a burlap strap. Surround the table with black and white chairs with the backs covered in burlap and secured with a taffeta sash tied in a small bow with long, hanging ends.

Dramatic tables are fun to create and impressive to the guests. Stumps Party has all you need to create your look.