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Add Drama To Any Event With These Table Setting Ideas

You’ve put a lot of time and attention to creating the perfect menu. Don’t let the food fall flat by neglecting the table settings. Follow these tips for a dramatic decor sure to satisfy the eye as much as the food satisfies the pallet.

The key elements to a dramatic look are texture, color and layering. Texture is achieved through the choice of fabrics and accessories – uniform textures provide a smooth elegance while contrasting textures heighten the level of interest. Color is achieved through selecting a color scheme such as monochromatic, complementary, metallic, warm, cool or accented neutral schemes. Layering is achieved through the combination of opaque, sheer and transparent fabrics as well as items placed below, around, on or above the table. The two tables described below exemplify how the incorporation of texture, color and layering come together to create a dramatic aesthetic to your tables.

For a dramatic table setting of glitz and glamour use mostly uniform textures with an accented metallic color scheme in minimal layers. Cover the table with silver metallic eyelash fabric. Layer the tablecover with a sheer fabric such as white gossamer cut to the shape of the table top with a 3″ overhang. Secure the gossamer with white gossamer streamers. Add drama to the table covering by drapping the sides ot the table top with dark blue liquid metallic fabric. Repeat these fabrics on the chairs by hanging a panel of the metallic eyelash fabric over the back of the chair and then a narrower panel of the white gossamer over that. Tie a sash of the dark blue metallic fabric around the back of the chair to secure the panels.

Accessorize the table top by scattering blue sparkle powder on the surface. Add soft drama with the Florentina votive vase. The transparent glassware keeps the look uncluttered while the suspended tea light adds glow to the table. Accentuate the centerpiece by surrounding the base with a blend of dark blue metallic shred and holographic shred silver. Add additional candles to the table with the evening dreams gel candle filled with your choice of gel color and optional imprinting. These add drama and can be given as keepsakes. For the dinnerware select a combination of dinner plates, desert plates, cutlery and napkins in silver, blues and clear colors. For a special touch, order custom holographic foil party napkins in dark blue imprinted with the event’s menu or program in silver. Add a final layer to your dramatic table by hanging a silver three tier chandelier over each table. Add string lights around the underneath of the table to notch the drama of the glitz and glam up one more level.

A dramatic look doesn’t always have to mean dramatic fabrics. This eye-catching table setting is achieved by contrasting highly textured burlap accented with other textures in black and ivory. Begin with an attractive floor cover such as the gold marble patterned corrugated paper. Cover the table with burlap fabric dramatized with an overlay of black shimmera and gold/silver mottled gossamer. Encircle the table’s edge with swags of black taffeta and string lights. At the center of the table top place a decorative bird cage centerpiece. Fill the cage with a burlap colored candle and ivory flowers. Wrap the base of the bird cage with black taffeta. Underneath the ivory and black colored tableware place a burlap placemat. To echo the wrought iron appearance of the centerpiece and add drama to the placement, create a frame for the placemat with a black wrought iron border At each place setting put black and/or ivory napkins wrapped in a burlap strap. Surround the table with black and white chairs with the backs covered in burlap and secured with a taffeta sash tied in a small bow with long, hanging ends.

Dramatic tables are fun to create and impressive to the guests. Stumps Party has all you need to create your look.

Dramatic Decorating Background Ideas

Support and enhance the look of focal points with dramatic backgrounds. Cover unsightly or boring walls with dramatic backgrounds. Stumps Party has all of the supplies that you need to set the stage for the rest of all your prom decorations. The following ideas can be used for your background or can serve as the genesis of your own personalized backdrop achieved through changing fabrics, colors and accessories.

The first backdrop idea provides a visual representation of what could be seen far off into the horizon of your destination theme location. This backdrop makes everyone feel like they are on the pristine beaches of the mediterranean by focusing on whites, blues and beach images. Begin the backdrop with the Aegean Islands photo mural. As the mural shows the edge of a balcony then make the framing elements of this mural appear to be the elegant trimmings of a french door-like opening. Accomplish this by draping premium tulle-white between two or three white pedestal & columns that measure 8′ tall. Purchase a couple of white balustrades to angle off of the mural in order to give depth to the mural. For more drama, use the metal gossamer hanger with lights from which to hang additional white tulle. To pull out the beautiful blue of the mural, add bermuda blue gossamer to the white tulle on the hanger with lights. Enlarge the look of a balcony that leads into an ocean-view room, cover the floor with glossy white marble corrugated paper. Incorporate the lush green of the mural into the whole look of the backdrop by placing plastic potted english ivy near the base of the columns. Having created the perfect mediterranean backdrop, browse Stumps Party’s large selection of additional props to fill the rest of your space according to your evening’s needs.

This backdrop idea relies on beautiful fabrics that are layered, draped and accented with lights. Begin the backdrop by covering the wall with neutral gray seamless paper decorating material. Gossamer fabrics will serve to add the drama while the neutral gray paper wall covering provides a rich base to this very sheer fabric. Drape decorative panels from the ceiling using metallic purple gossamer. This gossamer is silver on the opposite side. Use both sides of the gossamer to create a gorgeous look. From the ceiling, hang 19″ wide panels of the gossamer with the purple side out. Next, center 9 1/2″ wide panels of gossamer with the silver side out over the 19″ wide panels. Secure the panels together by tying 9 1/2″ bands of the gossamer around the panels. Space the panels in such a way as to be able to hang one of the two decorative strands that come in the large silver dots curtain set. These bright silver dots accentuate the metallic glow of the gossamer and the silver accent of the gossamer. For an even more dramatic effect, hang one or more disc chandeliers nearby. Make all of the silver accents pop even more with the use of backlights. One more touch to subtly add more drama would be to overlay a very sheer layer of purple gossamer in front of the neutral gray seamless paper. This would give a purple hue to the foundation of the whole backdrop.

The possibilities for creating a dramatic background are endless with all of the fabrics, lights and accessories found at Stumps Party. Browse our supplies and let your imagination go wild.

Celebrate The Return Of Spring!

Say good-bye to the cold and celebrate the return of spring with a retro flair. As color surfaces through the snow, create a space for releasing pent-up energy that is bursting with the colors of spring. Make it a night to remember that is full of activities and contests, prizes and favors, snacking and dancing.

Fill neon prom balloons with helium for bouquets and with air to float around the floor. Hang three metal gossamer hanger with lights near each other at different lengths for interest. Drape some gossamer from hanger to hanger and some gossamer from the hanger to the floor for drama. If you prefer, position the three hangers over the different stations and drape the gossamer to the floor. Integrate color by hanging gossamer of different colors. We suggest pink gossamer, light blue gossamer, flame retardant yellow gossamer and purple gossamer. Cover unsightly walls with retro daisy patterned gossamer to present a flower and retro motif. One panel of this retro gossamer could also be added into the gossamer canopy created with the hangers.

Make a stage area underneath one of the gossamer hangers for the DJ and final contest rounds. Cover the stage floor with yellow floral sheeting. Set off the different station areas by covering the floor of each station with more floral sheeting. Color options include white floral sheeting, purple floral sheeting and/or light blue floral sheeting.

Welcome the guests at the main entrance with a set of retro standing cardboard daisies. This set comes with 6 daisies (2 per stand) measuring 6′ high. Drape more retro gossamer behind these daisies and around the base. One daisies set could be used as a prop for candid photos shot by the guests themselves. Make a welcome sign with solid color flat paper decorating material in your choice of color. Use flat paper to make activity signs for each of your contest stations.

For the snack area, decorate the serving table and the conversation tables with the different solid colored gossamers draped from the ceiling hangers. Drape the retro gossamer around the edges of the tables. If the serving table is long and rectangular then use the retro gossamer as a runner. Accent the tabletops with mini flower fans. Cover the chair backs with more gossamer tied on with the retro gossamer. Mini flower fans can be stuck into the retro gossamer sash to add interest. For the centerpiece, fill clear crystal latex balloons with helium and retro confetti strung with various colors of ribbon tied to balloon weights. Choose event tableware in an array of spring colors to continue the fun spring color scheme. Include a “decorate it yourself” cupcake area with a variety of cupcake flavors, frosting colors and sprinkles.

CAKE-CHAIRS – Invite guests to bring cakes that will be used as prizes for “cake-chairs.” Set out chairs decorated “a la snack area” to be used for this version of musical chairs. Give each round’s winner a create-a-ticket as proof of eligibility for the final cake-chair to be done at the end of the evening on the stage. The tickets can also serve as coupons toward a business sponsoring the event. For the final cake-chair round, the ultimate winner gets to be the first to choose from one of the donated cakes. The runner-up chooses next and so forth until the cakes are gone.

Unlike the question/answer pattern, this game does the reverse. Give answers related to flower themed categories and challenge contestants to create a corresponding question. The winner of each round receives a qualifying ticket for the ultimate Flower A/Q round played on the stage at the end of the evening. Stumps Party has a huge selection of favors from which you can choose to be given as prizes. Think of frames, mugs, frames, pillows, mint tins, money clips and more.