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Make Lasting Memories at your Prom or Homecoming!

Plan the Perfect Dance!

Choosing the Theme is the First Step.

What are the hottest themes this year? Poll your student body and find out what is HOT at your school, or search online for ideas! Will this be a formal or casual dance? Once you pick a theme, you can begin gathering your prom supplies and decorations to create those lasting memories!
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Hot! Prom 2011 Themes

Prom is coming up soon and you’re school’s prom committee needs to settle on a prom theme. The committee has a big task ahead of them. They’ll want to be sure that they pick a HOT prom theme—not some tired and overused one. Here are 3 hot prom themes and how to decorate for them.

• Theme 1: Hollywood Theme
Everyone wants to be famous anymore! Why not give your fellow students a chance? Begin by welcoming your guests to the party with a gold star filmstrip arch. Pave the way through the arch with Hollywood sidewalk stars and red Hollywood rope streamers. Adorn tables with Hollywood centerpieces and create a fun photo op with paparazzi standees and a Hollywood sign. End the night by handing out award night statues.

• Theme 2: Carnival Theme
Bring out the inner children of your prom guests and have a little fun by having a carnival theme prom. Cover the walls in two colors of gossamer. Use red and yellow fabrics for a classic look or choose your school colors to show your school spirit. Next, set up the carnival of lights kit. The kit comes with a fun fortune teller photo op that you and your date can cuddle up behind. Give your guests some photo options with a carousel horse that could also be used for photos. Set up a few classic carnival games like a duck game and a ring toss with resources you’ll already have such as 2-liter bottles. Guests can choose their prom favors when they win one of the games.

• Theme 3: Black Tie Theme
Ladies love to get “all dolled up”. Give them a reason with a black tie theme party. Begin by promoting your classic prom theme with black tie banners. Choose either black or white fabric and swag across the ceiling then down the walls. Use the all about tonight kit to set the elegant stage for your guests. Embellish tables with silver reflection centerpieces filled with red roses for a pop of color.

No matter which theme your committee choses, be sure to consider both the guys and the gals that will be attending the event.

2011 Prom Themes Guys Like

Prom committees are typically female based, but even if this is true for your school’s prom committee, don’t forget about the guys. Ladies, we’re always wishing the guys would get more excited about parties and dancing, so let’s give them a reason to be excited.
Here are three prom themes that guys are SURE to love!  

Vegas or casino theme party: You’ve hit the jackpot here because guys love to gamble and play cards.  Ladies, get what you want from the Viva Las Vegas casino theme kit and give them a bit to do as well. Set up a plastic Roulette wheel and several card tables with giant playing cards. Have a willing chaperone wear a casino dealer’s vest and visor to oversee the games. Use fun flashing dice and personalized poker chips for the games.

Roaring ‘20s and gangster theme events: What guy doesn’t love gangsters, canes, and hats? No guy, that’s who! Set up your prom with a gangster theme kit complete with a gangster standee for the guys and flapper standee for the girls.

Retro event themes: Never underestimate powers that Austin Powers has over men. You’ll have them saying, “Groovy baby,” all night long with afro wigs and retro party wearables. Hand out retro beads as prom favors.

No matter what prom theme you choose, try your best to incorporate something fun that will get the guys as excited as you are about prom.