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Top 10 Themed Dance Ideas for February

Mid-winter calls for events with lots of color, warmth and maybe a bit of glitz. Here are party planners’ most popular theme choices for brightening up a February that may otherwise seem longer than it actually is.

1. Mardi Gras. Any day in February is fair game for a Mardi Gras event! It is a season and state of mind as well as a special Tuesday. Check out the delicious new colors and mood of Brazilian Mardi Gras event supplies as exemplified by the Rio Carnival line, which includes the arch shown above.

2. Valentine’s Day. An annual event in many communities, a Valentine’s Day dance tradition can be freshened up by incorporating elements of a garden theme such as Red Roses, or by planting tongue firmly in cheek with a gangster theme event.

3. Hollywood. Chase the chill with lots of palm trees and warm spotlights – and if you are holding your dance party anywhere near the 24th, rest assured that Hollywood props and décor include many that are suitable for Oscars™-related themes.

4. The 80s. Party planners like decade and retro themes for milestone birthdays and more casual school dances, and the 1980s are particularly hot right now for these types of events. You should, like, totally make an 80s theme event a costume party, too.

5. Casino. A Casino event theme is a perennial favorite for a winter fundraiser whether your aim is to re-create Vegas, Monte Carlo or one of the rising stars in exotic locales for gambling, such as Nassau, Bahamas.

6. Candy. A candy event theme can be tied to a Valentine’s dance, or it can stand alone. Either way you’ll be offering the sweetest favors ever! Consider combining candy and winter theme elements for a winter formal; the Candy Land Ice Castle standee shows how.

7. Castle. Speaking of castles, this fairy-tale favorite is a hit whether you put it on ice or not. Castle event theme supplies also include decorations that are exclusive to Stumps, and new products you’ll love to discover.

8. Stars. A Stars event theme makes the grade pretty much all year round, but can be particularly popular in winter. Dressed up, they make terrific themes for after-parties for organizations that have performance seasons in winter, such as opera companies and symphonies – and yes, some of the best star-gazing (and star parties!) happen this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

9. City. Whether the tone is Deco or sleek sophistication, there is no theme that can surpass the drama of a cityscape for a winter black-tie event.

10. Under the Sea. Yes, underwater theme events are popular for February. For a few hours at least, we can exchange less-than-ideal conditions for a serene color palette and other-worldly feel. Place the Depths of Forever theme kit in a browser window, zoom in and see what we mean!

Warm Up To Winter With A Snowflake Fantasy Formal

Capture the beauty of fallen snow with a winter theme formal. A winter wonderland of crisp white and cool blues awaits everyone when the area is decorated with the Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit. This kit includes one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one Corex snowflake.

Create the backdrop by covering the walls with bright blue flat paper wbroken up by twinkle light strings in vertical lines spaced about four feet apart. In front of the backdrop set up the giant snowflake arch. This 10′ high by 12′ wide freestanding cardboard arch even includes twinkle lights. The arch can serve as the area for the presentation of royalty or the awarding of prizes. Add depth to the arch by surrounding it with both of the lighted trees. Add more trees to your order in order to place additional trees near the entrance and near the snack area. Give elegance to the props by wrapping metallic white gossamer around their bases.

Near the entrance area place the set of snowflake fantasy columns accented with iridescent and silver sparkle poweder and light blue gossamer. If there is more than one entrance/exit to the main area you can easily add another set of columns to your order. Balance out the snowflake found at the top of each column by placing the set of standing snowflakes and the Corex snowflake nearby. The Corex snowflake stands 4′ high and includes a light bulb for illumination. Spread out more metallic white gossamer under this area to continue the look of snow on the ground.

Draw people to the snack area with attractive table decor. Cover half of the tables with the metallic white gossamer used at the base of the props and the other half with light blue gossamer. For a color accent, place the blue snowflakes from the foil snowflake value pack on the white gossamer and the white snowflakes on the light blue glossamer. At the center of each table put the glitter snowflake centerpiece. For an added special touch, hang glitter snowflakes with ribbon from the ceiling right above each table. Finally, decorate the tables with a prom favor that each person will get to take home. In keeping with the winter and snowflake theme, Stumps Party suggests the small size prom night snow dome. A sea of silver stars and and custom one line imprint preserve your special photo in this dome.

Set the perfect winterland backdrop with the snow flurries room setter. Anchor the photo decor with another set of snowflake fantasy columns. Accessorize the column with an additional Corex snowflake and lighted trees. Cover the ground with a snow blanket accented with light blue gossamer wrapped around the base of the props.

Other items that can add to the charm of the snowflake fantasy evening are the following:
–  winter custom creation mint tins filled with wintergreen mints as contest prizes for last person able to name a song about snow,
–  winter snowflake banners to label different parts of the area and
–  cafe mug in silver for enjoying hot beverages once the cold really sets in.

Stumps Party’s Snowflake Fantasy decor provides the perfect setting for a winter formal that is both fun and elegant. We work hard so that your prom planning is easy. We value your comments. Let us know about your winter theme events.

Popular Christmas Formal Themes

Sometimes it can take some work to come up with a winner of a theme for a Christmas formal. Partly this is because there are just so many options to choose from! Grab inspiration from movies, books, songs or other sources out of popular culture. Another idea is to start with colors first: traditional red and green, candy colors, or the icy elegance of white, blue and silver?

Winter Wonderland. This theme celebrates the season by bringing an idyllic Northern winter scene inside. Think snow blankets and fir trees, icicles and a beautiful wintry outdoor photo mural for this Christmas formal theme.

A Christmas Carol. Based, of course, on the book of the same name, the idea here is to present a Victorian Christmas in downtown London or the warm and happy celebration of the Fezziwigs.

Rock & Roll Christmas. Combine Fifties event theme decorations with a Christmas tree and a few boughs of holly. Serve 1950s Christmas music classics along with the punch.

Snowflake Fantasy. This elegant Christmas formal theme is so popular, it has an entire Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit to fill demand.

White Christmas. This theme is ripe for 1940s-style movie theme event ideas such as making a Christmas backdrop into a movie set with camera and clapboards.

Sugar Plum Dreams or Candy Christmas. Think gingerbread houses and gumdrops.

Christmas in Camelot. Actually, castle themes of all sorts are perennial favorites as formal Christmas themes, whether it’s a medieval setting for the Knights of the Round table, or giving a nod to the season with a dreamy ice castle.

Hope these ideas help you in your Christmas formal theme selection!

Ideas for Holiday Fundraising Galas

The weather in many areas will soon be driving us indoors to party. In the case of holiday fundraising galas, part of the fun and excitement will arise from finding imaginative ways to bring the outdoors in, turn winter on its head, or simply make us forget the chill altogether!

Here are a few ideas to mull along with your cider.

Get out of town. Coax a warm breeze to your gala with a destination event to a warmer clime half a world away. Imagine an evening spent in tropical heaven! Make it a reality with Stump Party’s Magical Isle kit. The pleasurable island atmosphere will be so authentic that no one will want to leave.

Try black ties for size. Consider a sophisticated black tie theme event kit for a formal holiday fundraising gala or a New Year’s Eve celebration. Stumps Party gives you an impressive eleven different kits to achieve that black tie setting. For example, the A Mystical Evening kit exudes a sense of elegance and fun with dancing couple silhouettes and beaded chandeliers.

Host international guests of mystery. You can easily make your fundraising gala reflect a Masquerade theme with one of Stump Party’s four Masquerade kits. Select the Music of the Night kit to recreate the mystery and romance of the “Phantom of the Opera.” Select the Phantom’s Masquerade kit if you prefer a setting enhanced with rich red and gold tones. Heighten your guests’ masquerade experience by offering any of the six different styles of elegant masks to be worn throughout the evening.

Go with the snow. Sometimes, it’s best not to fight it! Find the beauty in snow-laden landscapes and bring them out of the cold with all of the components shown on our Magic in the Snow kit page. Fill the space with the simulation of a flurry of snow with silver foil snowflakes hung from the ceiling and bouquets of snowflake latex balloons floating in the air at varying lengths with the help of light blue or silver foil balloon weights.

Be sure to visit Stumps Party’s holiday event supply pages. Stumps is just the ticket for gala-planning enthusiasts!

Decorate a Dance Venue with Cool Outdoor Effects

Dancing under the stars, cruising to an island paradise, walking in a winter wonderland — how we love to bring the outdoors to our indoor events! Here are a few ideas from Stumps Party for pulling it off.

Stars, Stars & More Stars

Whether a nautical, garden, city or destination theme, nothing is more romantic than a star-lit night. We love the look of combining a star gossamer with twinkle string lights, or try our glow star gossamer on its own! Add holographic shimmer die cut stars or mirror-brite die-cut shimmer stars to the décor to amplify the eye-pleasing effects.

Rock Out
This would be great for a Western or desert theme, and more. Try our seamless paper or other heavy background paper to create rocks and boulders of just about any size! The secret: a pillow of air! Cut two pieces of paper of the same irregular shape but with one sheet larger than the other. Match and staple the edges together so the larger sheet bulges out for some 3D action. The technique can take some practice, so if you haven’t done it before, be sure to experiment with scrap paper first. If you’re going to group them together, remember that odd numbers and staggered sizes look best.

Gaze into Distant Horizons
Use dark green corrugated paper and black corrugated paper to cut rolling hills, silhouettes of trees and/or rocks of different sizes. Place the shapes against a wall to create a landscape in the “distance.”

Take a Walk in the Clouds
Need some light, airy clouds in your outdoor setting? Get a bundle of our white tulle netting! Bunch it up into a cloud and secure your cloud formation with a quick baste stitch or staple. Use mono-filament (fishing) line to suspend your clouds from the ceiling, and/or place them on the floor to suit your event theme.

Do you have your own tricks for outdoor effects? Please share them in the Comments section!

Create a Festive Affair with a Snowflake Fantasy Theme Dance

snowflake-fantasy-dance-kitThe holidays are just around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to plan your winter dance! Create a fun and festive setting for your event with the Snowflake Fantasy Kit.

The Snowflake Fantasy Decorating Kit contains beautiful decorations for creating a wintery scene, including: one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one corex snowflake. You can arrange the kit in tons of ways to create a variety of scenes.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or gossamer to cover walls. Cover the floor with dark blue flat paper then create walkways using metallic silver corrugated paper. Accent the walkways with white or snowflake patterned gossamer.

Set up the Giant Snowflake Arch to create an entrance or an amazing focal point. The arch stands 10’ high and 12’ wide and includes twinkle lights for a romantic glow.

Next, arrange the Snowflake Fantasy Columns and the Lighted Elegance Trees to divide up space and fill out the look. The Snowflake Fantasy Columns stand 10’ tall and are accented with iridescent and silver sparkle powder with light blue gossamer draping from them. The Lighted Elegance Trees are each 6’ tall and are adorned with twinkle lights.

Add shimmering snowflakes and corex snowflakes standees to finish off the look. Deck the whole room with iridescent snow and twinkle lights to create a winter wonderland!

Invite guests to your dance or event in classic elegance, perfect for this theme using our Mirror-Brite Invitation in silver with your custom wording printed on them. The invitations come with envelopes and are perfect for making a great first impression.

Send guests home with a beautiful favor to remember the dance by. Try the Winter Custom Creation Mint Tin or help them keep warm with a traditional Christmas personalized travel mug. You can have the frame custom imprinted with your dance slogan and a logo. These favors will be a hit and look great!

Check out all of our Winter Dance tips and tell us about your holiday dance!